Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Items On Etsy!

Having so much fun lately, designing and making things! Since I opened my Etsy shop doors a few weeks ago, I've had a steady stream of orders... leaving me in a whirlwind trail of glitter and cardstock. I am loving every minute of it. I also have 3 new parties I am working on - 2 of which are next month - and I'm refurbishing and old dresser to go in my closet. Busy and having a ball!

Here are a few of my favorite new creations:

Spa Mask Invites & napkin holders in pink glitter and purple damask

Sweet little flower tags to be used as cup cake toppers, lollipop tags, party favor tags, and on water bottles. I just love how they turned out! So cute and sparkly!

 This one was made for the spa party I did last week. I have to say the spa party is surely in demand right now! Doing another one in a few weeks...all in zebra and aqua! Can't wait!
Napkin holders for the Tutti Frutti Spa Party.

All these items are available on my Etsy Shop!

I don't know about you, but all this spa party stuff is making me crave a day at the spa for me! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Tutti Frutti Spa Party!

SO. MUCH. FUN! Such a great time with a really good group of girls...and moms, too! It all started with a towel. The 1st time I saw it I knew I had to make a spa wrap out of it and make this a new party theme. The pink and purple polka dots were irresistible and before you know it, I cleaned out the stock at my local store. Six months later I got to see my Tutti Frutti Spa Party come to life. A super fun birthday party for a very sweet 8 year old and her friends!
As guests arrived, they were welcomed and ushered over to the "Spa Dressing Room". Spa wraps and gift buckets were given out. They changed into their wraps and kicked off their shoes. Next they were invited over to 1 of 3 fun stations:
The Nail Station

 The Pedicure Station


The Craft Station

 The girls had a great time decorating their flip flops.
Pedi's were also a hit!

We had some outrageously CUTE cookies and cupcakes from my favorite local baker, Kelly Anne at Cannon Classic Cakes. 
(Kelly, you really outdid yourself on this one! AMAZING!)
The mom and I actually gasped when we saw these!
 The sweets table. The mom was super creative and had lots of great ideas to add to the party. I love the licorice and pink m&m's in fancy martini glasses! Too cute!
 This one was my creation. Fruit kabobs on home made flower kabob sticks. (Coming to my Etsy shop soon!)
Gorgeous birthday girl poses with her pink cucumber cookie.
Love this shot. And lol, these girls were far too excited to relax!
Lunch time! The dining table was set in the family's gorgeous living room. 
A shot taken the night before the party. Could this room be any more beautiful? The perfect setting for the dining table!
Of course, I HAD to make polka dot place cards! I just LOVE these cute chair place card holders the mom had. ADORABLE! Must get a set of these!
Ella's place card was held in a fancy silver shoe. Too cute!
Sweet guest enjoying a flip flop sandwich
Next up were facials!
Such a beauty! With a sweet personality to match, too!
Love the thumbs up!

Here are a few more misc shots of the day...

Love how the centerpieces turned out! Another great idea from super mom. She asked me to make the mini pom poms on a stick and special ordered pink and purple gumballs. Brilliant! Going to use this idea for many of my parties, now and sell the pom pom sticks on Etsy. Thanks, Grace! (LOL, my daughter calls these my truffula trees - as in the ones on the Lorax. Too cute!)
Yep, that's me...serving up some sweet treats! Such a great day! Did I mention I LOVE what I do? Just look at these great girls:
This was a super family to work with and super mom, Grace, lent so much of her own party planning talent to the party. Big thanks to Grace, Steve, and Ella for letting me be a part of your special day!

Party Credits:

Party Design:  PLAN ME A PARTY!
Paper Straws:  Greenmunch
Custom buffet cards, napkin holders, place cards, food picks, pom poms, 
mini pom pom wands, pom pom topiaries, and spa wraps 
available on my Etsy shop: Pretti Mini Party Goods

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pink & Purple Heaven

What a fun day I had today!  I just LOVE this color scheme!  I loved planning every detail of this party. It turned out really cute and was so fun. Pictured above is the nail station and mantel. I made a zillion pom poms for this party. Can't wait to show you all the pics! More soon!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Etsy Shop!

                 I am happy to announce the official opening of my new Etsy shop! Introducing: