Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easy Microphone Crafts

What you'll need:
Silver or glittered Christmas balls (plastic)
Bag of gems
Toilet paper holders (or paper towel or tulle holder)
Spray Paint (any color you prefer)
Optional: Duct tape in any color(s) you prefer

Step one is to spray paint them. Either lightly for a faded look or twice for a solid/opaque look. Let dry overnight. 
Step 2 is to get out your hot glue gun and glue the top of the ball (ornament hanging part) to the top of the microphone base.
Step 3 is to simply put the mics and gems out with some glue and let the kids go to town!

Now as an alternative, you could use duct tape. The bling won't stick to it, but you could always get several colors of duct tape and let the kids make their own. They make great party decorations, too!
 For this table setting I used one painted tube in the center and glued a large flat washer to the bottom to make it stand. The 2 on either side of the purple ones were made using long, thin vases filled with clear stones. I had the Christmas balls just sitting face down on top and it worked great!
Here's another fun and easy mic using duct tape.

And a party table using them some as decoration.
Works great on water bottles, too!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Hi, where I can find the plastic Christmas ornaments out-of-season?
    Thank you!