Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spa Party with a "Wild" Twist

Who says a spa party has to be all subdued colors and serene music? Not for these gals!  When Mom, Suzanne, asked me if I could do the party in aqua blue and zebra, I knew I was in for a fun day! And it sure was!

Here are some details...
 The spa table was set up in the family's dining room. This is where we did our facials.
 The family room served as the craft and lounge area as well a place for mani's and pedi's.
The girls making bath salts. As you can tell, they enjoyed it!
Manicure and pedicure stations.
The birthday girl's picture was a perfect centerpiece for the mantel!
The dining table was set up in the family's formal living room. 
A few sweet party guests enjoying the day.
The sweets table included zebra cupcakes and aqua and white lolli's. 
 Next up were the facials. Always the highlight of the day. 
Birthday girl chillin' with the cucumbers.
Some of the paper goods I made for the party. (Available at Etsy!)
And I'll end this post with my favorite shot of the day. A really great mom watching her awesome daughter blow out the birthday candle. That's the stuff of life, my friends. That's the stuff.

Party Credits:
Party Styling: Plan Me A Party
Tulle Pom Poms and paper goods: Pretti Mini Party Goods