Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tooth Fairy Party?

Why not? We'll take any excuse to get festive around here! Well, okay, we are not likely to have a full-on party, but we will celebrate the loss of my daughter's 1st tooth with a fairy cake of some sort and decorative pillows! I just love creating pretty little things for her!  I found some pretty fabric on sale at JoAnne's yesterday and set out to my tooth fairy pillows. While my 1st attempt was more shabby than chic, I was real happy with this one:
It hangs on a single ribbon, with delicate ribbons dangling from the lace at the bottom.
Here is the full length view (on right)  along with a pillow case I made and the "1st attempt" pillow. My daughter loved them all, but only the hanging fairy pillow (with sweet tooth pouch) will go on my future Etsy store. On the look out now for more fairy fabric!
Tiny pouch for a tiny tooth! And enough room for a dollar bill to be folded up inside!

Whatever YOU'RE celebrating...have a festive day!


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  1. So cute!!! Ruby will love it! Also...someone gave me the idea to put a cup of water by Lia's you know, when the tooth fairy stops by she dips her wings in the Lia wakes up to pink water (and the moola too of course! :-). We've lost a lot of teetch by now...but we still put the water out each time!! :-)