Monday, June 3, 2013

Zebra & Pink Pop Star Party!

A "wild" twist on my pop star party...zebra and hot pink! I love this color combo (can you tell??)  and had much of it on hand to create this theme. 

The "Pop Stars" wear greeted with this sign and a walk down the red carpet.
Laminated VIP passes were next.
I used empty tulle rolls (you could also use toilet paper rolls), duct tape and Christmas balls to make microphone decorations. These make fun props for photos and play.
Water bottles got a duct tape make-over, too!
1st craft we did were autograph pages.
                                     I love how creative the kids always are with their pages.
The prop box was on hand for getting into "character"! Always fun!
Even Ginger, their pet gerbil, got a turn on the red carpet!
                          And their sweet Cocker Spaniel got a glamour photo, too!
 I take LOADS of pictures at each event and send the pics to the mom the next day. It's always a nice added bonus for the parents to be able to enjoy the day and not worry about getting the shots themselves. 

Then, of course, the main event: KARAOKE! It's always so cute to see a bunch of shy girls quietly sing together at the start of the party, and then gain confidence as they go along. By the end of the party, they are singing and dancing like no one is watching! I love it!
 The 2nd craft we did was "Rock Your Headband". I found a super cute bow maker and brought along lots of ribbon and headbands. Easy and fun craft. Was having fun teaching them how to do it and totally forgot to take pics of the final product!
 The birthday girl gets a hot pink disco ball (as supplies last) and her guests all get a silver one.
Another fun party. Another group of sweet kids. Life is good.

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