Monday, May 11, 2015

The Best Mother's Day Gift: The Gift of Time

This weekend my hubs took my daughter to his parents for the weekend. While I missed hanging out with the family and visiting both his mom and mine, what I REALLY needed was a weekend get caught up. And he knew that. Orders were getting backed up, laundry was piling up, and the house was a mess. A couple days on my own and I feel more organized, recharged, and set up to have a productive week. I put in some earlier mornings and long hours, but it felt GREAT. I worked on orders, prepped others, stripped the beds, did lots of laundry, actually put said laundry AWAY, wrote a few posts, and worked on my new website. (More on that soon!)

By the time my family got home yesterday, I was ready to relax. My daughter and I gardened a little bit - planting the flowers she bought me at the school sale - and we made a little stepping stone path. Had the best time with my little nature girl. The hubby grilled us some salmon and asparagus and poured a nice glass of sauvigon blanc.  A perfect night with my little family and a great end to my Mother's Day Weekend.

Hope all you Mom's out there got a
little gift of free time, too! Of course, the BEST gift of all is having this little girl to love every day!


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