Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tea For Two (Grandma Time!)

My mom has been saying all summer she would love to do a Grandmother and Granddaughter tea with my daughter, Ruby.  So yesterday she came down for a visit and I set them up a little party on the porch. It was so SWEET! Ruby could hardly sleep the night before, knowing Grandma was coming for a visit! It was so cute. She was up early, bathed, dressed, and sitting on the porch waiting for her an hour before her arrival. Love how these pics captured their special time together!
Ruby searched the house till she found a pair of pink gloves and a hat for my mom to wear. 
Grandma happily obliged and a fancy tea for 2 lovely people began!
 Even though the roses are faux, Grandma played along when Ruby suggested they "smell the roses".
Love this pic. My mother looks so happy and peaceful here (...while Ruby tries to sneak a pastry!)
One happy little girl!
Ruby asked me to make up a special set of pink poms and pink roses for the occasion.
Mom brought a big pink box filled with yummy treats from her favorite local bakery. YUM! I couldn't resist grabbing a couple of these scrumptious treats before they went out and made myself a cup of tea to go with it! I watched through the window at their lively conversation - just dying to know what they were talking about - but stayed inside to let the two have special time together.
I did, however, manage to get a couple cute pics though the window...

...that is, until I got CAUGHT!!! LOL!

Such a great visit with my mom and the best day ever for my daughter!

Hoping you and your family are savoring the rest of these wonderful summer days!



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