Saturday, May 21, 2016

Unicorn Rainbow Party - {Featured Party}

Happy to feature this fun party held by a friend of mine. Unicorns are cropping up everywhere this year and it's such a fun theme for a party. Especially if it's held at an incredible farm and has the fun twist of being a art party, too. Here are some photos and great ideas the mom, Janet, of Barclay Farms did for this party.
Adorable pony turned Unicorn
Beautiful birthday girl in a rainbow dress.
Unicorn Chair and Pom Pom Wand
"Paint brush" Rice Krispie treats on popsicle sticks with rainbow sprinkles
Close up of this yummy treats!
Bright colored chairs and aprons set the stage for painting.

Painting rainbows.
Of course, I had to bring some pom poms!
And a sweet bubble blowing, game playing princess to entertain!

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