Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet Valentine Tutorial

A sweet and easy DIY card for all the Valentine's on your kid's list!

While hunting for inspiration online, I found this cute idea by none other than Martha Stewart.
I dressed my daughter in red, cut out some hearts (in a few sizes) and pasted them to a white wall. After I bribed my silly girl to stand still,  I finally got all the cute shots I needed to choose from. Here are a few of the outtakes:

After choosing the right shot, I lightened it up on iPhoto, cropped and saved. Then I went into my iPages program and made a plain red background. I added the pic 4 times, leaving enough room for folding. (See example below). Since I knew we'd be using Hershey kisses, I added some text and her name at the bottom. You could leave it blank or make up your own catch phrase or message.
Cut, fold, and staple onto a clear cellophane bag filled with goodies! 

Sweet treat bags are ready to be shared! Thanks, Martha, for the great idea!

Have fun getting ready for Valentine's!

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