Thursday, July 25, 2013

Designing Dresses

I love to sew.Who knew? I certainly would never have guessed 5 years ago that I'd be making dresses. I became a mom. Got in touch with my crafty side. One creative thing leads to another, I guess, and I made my kid a dress. It was okay. Then I made another. And another. I got better. I got FANCY. Before you know it, friends were asking me to make one for THEIR daughter, too. So, hey, I'm making dresses now and having a ball! 
This was my daughter's Memorial day dress. Made a matching dress for her American Girl Doll and she was pleased as punch! Friends liked the idea, too!
This (and the 1st pic) was one of the earlier ones - St. Patty's Day. Excited to make some more peasant dresses this fall. Found some GORGEOUS fabric! Stay tuned!
Made this sweet set this summer. Pants are still tricky for me. Sticking to dresses.
 My 1st "Collection".  Was so excited to see all these gorgeous lil gals in my dresses!
 Speaking of models, the one on the left is my daughter, Ruby. Rubes is my helper, my sweet pea, my muse. You'll see her modeling many of my fashions. Here she is with her adorable BFF.
 Ruby rides at a local farm and the owner asked me to design something horse friendly to sell at the camp this summer. I came up with this riding shirt (above) and ruffle dress/tunic (below). She loved it!
             Having fun sewing and creating clothes my sweet pea likes to wear. 

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! 

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