Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Flamingo Costume DIY

There is particular catalog that comes in the mail with the best costumes ever. However, they come at a hefty price tag. Still, I let my daughter take a look, thinking I could make her something in a similar style if she sees something she likes. LOL, of COURSE she picked out the flamingo! I kinda chuckled at my bird lover and then got to work. I wasn't sure how on earth I was going to make it, but the look of excitement on her face made me determined to make it something really pretty.

Found out it wasn't so tricky at all. I made a fun, no-sew costume with things she had in her wardrobe, a whole lot of pink tulle, and a whole lot of feathers. Here's how to do it...


Hot pink turtleneck
Hot pink leggings, jeans, or tights
Hot pink boots or shoes
1- hot pink play dress with tulle bottom (from Halo Heaven)
2 feather fans (bought mine at Oriental Trading Co.)
A whole lot of hot pink tulle (Joanne Fabrics)
1 piece of Hot pink elastic (Joanne Fabrics)
3-6 thin boas.
Feather clips
Feather hair piece
Mask (optional)
The first few items on the list are layering pieces. I put them on my daughter and then built upon that to make the rest of the costume.

With the hot pink elastic, I made a waistband for a tutu. Wrap around your daughter's waist and measure to the proper width. Then hand or machine sew then ends together to make a circular waist band. (Oops! I said this was no-sew, didn't I? Well, the REST of it is, I promise!)

Next cut strips of hot pink tulle. Length depends on your child's hight. For my 6 year old I measured it up against one of her skirts then made it twice as long. You want to be able to fold it evenly over the elastic and then tie in a not - leaving 2 even pieces handing. Make a point at the bottom of both pieces of the tulle. Keep tying all the way around and then cut strips a little bit longer for the next layer to go on top. Add a 3rd layer a little longer. You can always trim later, but having some shorter layers underneath creates the round poof I was looking for to make it more bird-like. You can also tie in a few strips of hot pink glitter tulle in at the end, putting them every so often or like 4 strips across the front, 3-4" apart.

Take your boas next and cut them in half. I tied a few on to the sides and then used the rest to make a poof of "tail feathers" in the back. Attach it to a piece of tulle to tie around the waist like a belt. Weave it through the fan to add that piece to the back also.

Last we added clip on feathers I found at Michael's onto the collar of her dress and onto each sleeve.
Add a mask if you'd like. You could make one of these or buy at Michaels.
 Easy peasy and pink-tacular!
Add a pink pumpkin and you are ready to go!


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