Saturday, July 27, 2013

I HEART MY CUSTOMERS: Spa-tacular Soiree'

When I started talking with Rachel from Miami, I knew she was creating something amazing. She had LOTS of ideas to bring to the table and helping her make this SPA-TACULAR SOIREE' was a lot of fun! Bling was the "thing" for this pretty party, so the 1st thing I made were these sparkly spa mask invitations and napkin rings.
 I like how she added one of the spa mask invites  to that adorable lollipop topiary!

Pretty party table was loaded with SPA-tacular treats! 
Mmm...look at that sushi!
The older girls got a purple bath robe and the littlest guests got an embroidered purple spa wrap made by yours truly. :-)
Is that a cake or what? Wow. 
Here's that lollipop tree again. So cute! 

In addition to the invites, I made napkins holders, water bottle flowers, flower cupcake and food pics, confetti, and some gift tags. We had so much fun we are already working on her daughter's NEXT birthday party!

Thanks for sharing your party pics with us, Rachel!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mini Pom Pom Love

 Making a lot mini pom pom wands right now. I was asked to do these (above) for an Abby Cadabby party and just love this color combo! So sweet! Mini poms make great centerpieces or favor wands!
All are available in my Etsy Shop - PRETTI MINI PARTY GOODS . They can be custom made in any color or combination of colors! I even had a customer request these for a gender reveal party. How cute is that? Here are a few more...
 Boxed and ready to go! Each stick is painted and ribbon wrapped.
 Dr. Seuss Party Poms! Also perfect for a carnival or circus theme!
Simple centerpiece.
Made these for a sweet Elmo party.
 Princess Pom Pom Wands
 Made a centerpiece for a pink and purple polka dot spa party by putting the mini poms in a glass of gums balls. Such a cute idea the mom had. I just loved it! Full table setting from this party below.
Last, but not least, some Halloween mini poms in anticipation of fall..
How will you use your poms?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Designing Dresses

I love to sew.Who knew? I certainly would never have guessed 5 years ago that I'd be making dresses. I became a mom. Got in touch with my crafty side. One creative thing leads to another, I guess, and I made my kid a dress. It was okay. Then I made another. And another. I got better. I got FANCY. Before you know it, friends were asking me to make one for THEIR daughter, too. So, hey, I'm making dresses now and having a ball! 
This was my daughter's Memorial day dress. Made a matching dress for her American Girl Doll and she was pleased as punch! Friends liked the idea, too!
This (and the 1st pic) was one of the earlier ones - St. Patty's Day. Excited to make some more peasant dresses this fall. Found some GORGEOUS fabric! Stay tuned!
Made this sweet set this summer. Pants are still tricky for me. Sticking to dresses.
 My 1st "Collection".  Was so excited to see all these gorgeous lil gals in my dresses!
 Speaking of models, the one on the left is my daughter, Ruby. Rubes is my helper, my sweet pea, my muse. You'll see her modeling many of my fashions. Here she is with her adorable BFF.
 Ruby rides at a local farm and the owner asked me to design something horse friendly to sell at the camp this summer. I came up with this riding shirt (above) and ruffle dress/tunic (below). She loved it!
             Having fun sewing and creating clothes my sweet pea likes to wear. 

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Heart My Customers!

I've had such wonderful feedback from my Etsy customers lately that I decided to add a new feature to my blog each week featuring happy customer photos.  I've asked them to share their favorite shots of my products in their home or party and/or how they used them. Let me tell you, these are some creative folks! 

I got these yesterday. Are they beautiful photos or what? The talented Charles Angelo Photography graciously shared these photos from a recent shoot. Thanks so much for these amazing shots! And thanks to that gorgeous little model, too! 
(Little blue and green backdrop was my creation.) 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another Star Is Born!

...and another fun party I styled and hosted last month. 
Darling Olivia walks the red carpet.
Microphone crafts

 Glamorous water bottles
 Custom buffet cards
Table setting for 16 superstars!
 Superstar "Wall of Fame" featuring the birthday girl in the center. Personalized gift bags did double duty as decorations until the end of the day.
 I love taking photos on set up day and then added them to the Pop Star Parties I do. This little girl was SO animated and into it, too. So much fun!
I made this fabric banner to separate the craft area from the main karaoke area.
 Postcard to my shop! Can be ordered online or added to your party package.
 The loot! Shiny disco balls were the take home gift. Always a hit!
Beautifully blinged out microphone cupcakes by Cannon Classic Cupcakes and Cakes.

Rock on!