Wednesday, November 19, 2014

20 Ways To Create An Amazing Pop Star Party!

1. GLAM IT UP. Pull out any silver and gold household items to add extra glam to your party. Fancy candleabras, mirrors, picture frames and holiday decorations work well.

2. Red Carpet. It's such a fun way to start out a party and can be used again for other themes like a Movie Star Party, Oscar Soiree, and Celebrity Slumber Party! Also makes a great runway!
3. VIP. Make each girl feel special by taking her picture on the red carpet and handing her a VIP "backstage" pass. These are easy to make and laminate yourself or try these from Cupcake Cutiees Party.

4. SET THE STAGE. Use curtains, rugs, and decorations to make a stage area. Also great for photo ops!

5. VINYL RECORDS. Use real records as chargers for under the plates. You can usually find these at flea markets or yard sales if you don't have any. They clean up easy and add a cool look to the table.
6. STARS and SPARKLE. You can't have enough of them! Sprinkle glitter or star confetti, add stars to your packages, gift bags, etc. Punch holes in the top and string for a shiny banner. Put the birthday girls name on a big star and hang on the wall or a door. You can find stars pre-made at places like Party City.

7. POMS. Big fancy poufs of purple and gold look regal and add a grown-up touch of elegance and whimsy to the party. I love hanging them from chandeliers or framing a dessert table or banner with them. You can find them in a variety or colors and sizes at Pretti Mini.

8. STAR NAME CARD HOLDERS. If you can't find place card holders with stars, make your own! These shown are styrofoam with glitter ribbon glued on it. (Not too hard to make your own if you are so inclined, but I bought my mini disco balls at Michaels).  Next you hot glue the balls onto a decent sized washer to make the bottom flat. Glue stars onto a tooth pic and push into the ball. That's it!

9. GOLD. All that glitters really is gold. Gold ribbon, gold tiebacks, fancy gold drinking glasses (plastic) all lend an elegant touch so your guest really feel like the superstars they are.

10. PURPLE PUNCH. And popcorn. And anything else you can dye to match the event. I used food coloring for this but have also used all natural food dyes from India, too. You can find those at specialy grocers like Whole Foods.

11. MICROPHONE CUPCAKES. Way cute and always a hit! I had my favorite local baker do these, but a great tutorial and recipe can be found HERE.

12. BACKDROPS. I love using fabric backdrops for all sorts of things. For this one, we needed something special to separate the main "karaoke" room from the craft area. Girls love posing in front of it, walking through it, making a stage curtain out of it. It also was a great place to put the prop bin. They loaded up on boas, hats, gloves, tutus, etc. and then took turns coming out through the "curtain" to model their outfit. We moved the red carpet indoors later and made a runway out of it for the occasion!
Backdrop available at Pretti Mini Party Goods

13. PROPS. I always bring a trunk full of fun stuff. You never know who is going to want to wear them? Ok, so we set the cat up for this shot, but really, it's funny to see all the kids light up when they see the prop trunk. The tomboy will be the first one to don a boa and the shy ones get all fancy with a wig, dark shades and fancy wrap! Even the older ones get into it!

14. DISCO BALLS. Hang one from the ceiling in the main area for dancing and singing, but don't forget to have an extra one for the window! If you place it by a nicely lit window in the middle of the day you will have a gorgeous glow of "glitter" shining through the room.

15. PERSONALIZE. Take some pictures of the birthday girl before the party. Have them really ham it up and act like rock stars. The make a celebrity wall or area to hang 8 x 10 photos of celebrities. Slip a couple photos of the bday girl in with the other "stars". You can pull and print a lot of singer shot online.

16. MAKE-UP. Whether you have a hair and make-up person there or you just have a table set up, a make up station is really fun. A simple set up can just have a make-up mirror, some glittery eye shadows, and shiny lip glosses.

17. AUTOGRAPHS. Easy craft that is a lot of fun. Set out black card stock paper, gold and silver metallic markers, star stickers, and glittery stick on letters. Girls decoration their special page however they'd like and then they all "autograph" each others page.

18. BLING YOUR MICROPHONE. This super fun craft was a big hit! You can buy these in my shop here: At the party, set out glitter glue with the included gems and let the girls go to town decorating them!

19. KARAOKE. No pop star party is complete without a karaoke machine! Start with a dance party featuring the top pop songs to get them warmed up and singing. You can either MC like it's a concert, or let the birthday girl take over and introduce her friends. After awhile, even the shy guests are up there having a ball! *Best Buy sells a lot of the CD's needed for karaoke and also Kids Bop CD's. Kids Bop records all the latest hits with clean language versions and is great to have on hand for dancing and just sing-alongs.

20. SWAG BAGS. Don't forget the parting gift! I love giving a disco ball out for this party. Girls can't wait to go home and hang in their room. I get mine and the Five Below store. They usually sell them in silver, gold, and even hot pink! Another thing that works great is giving out headsets/earphones. You can find them at Five Below, too.

Hope this helps you create the Pop or Rock Star Party of your dreams! Questions, comments and ideas welcome! I'd love to hear from you!


*This Gold and Glam Pop Star Party was recently featured on CATCH MY PARTY!
  Big thanks to Jillian for featuring it on your awesome party site! Love Catch My Party!


Party Styling: Jen Kitzmiller
Red Carpet: Wrap With Us
Gold and Silver Stars:  Party City
Microphone Cupcakes: Recipe and tutorial HERE
Microphone Craft kits: Pretti Mini on Etsy
Hanging Pom Poms: Pretti Mini Pom Poms
Fabric Backdrop: Pretti Mini Backdrops
Silver Disco Balls: 4Fun Parties
Karaoke CDG's & Kids Bop CD's:  Best Buy
VIP Passes and Invites: Cupcake Cutiees Party

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  1. Hi there. I just adored how you put everything together for little girl. It looked like it was a blast to attend. I was curious about how you made the gold stands for the red carpet area.