Sunday, November 30, 2014

I'm A Pretti Mini!

From time to time people ask me about the name, "Pretti Mini". It started with this little girl above. She is my daughter, my pretty little mini and the heart of my heart. I love making pretty things for her and creating beautiful parties for her birthday and making fun crafts, sleepovers and play dates. So Pretti Mini was born of all those things. 

Each month I will feature a new "Pretti Mini". 
What exactly is a Pretti Mini?  A girl that isn't afraid to be herself. A girl that is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. Sweet. Strong. Spirited. Kind. Our new "I'm A Pretti Mini" campaign will showcase some of the many, many wonderful kids that inspire us over at Pretti Mini Party Goods.

If you'd like to submit your Pretti Mini, send me a photo of your child with a Pretti Mini product along with some basic info (age, likes, favorite food, etc.) You can send to:
If I choose your child's photo, she will be featured on the blog and all social media and will receive a special tutu, made just for her in her favorite colors. :-)

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